Sunday, May 1, 2011

In A Nutshell

Here is a link to my latest article. SHINEDOWN. It has been epic so far as me writing goes... Getting noticed? Well, that is proving to be difficult.

I have a Book In A Month book... I finally came up with a pretty wicked novel idea. Now I have to write down the basics and formulate an outline.
It's gonna be great.

In other news... I am coming up on five years sober. I cannot believe how much I have changed in these last five years. I mean, I am actually a thoughtful human being who puts the needs of others ahead of her own a lot more than I used to. Now, sometimes we all need to be selfish. But hurting someone to get what we need is a different aspect of the game and I play that role no longer. I am currently working on my eighth and ninth steps.. This is the hardest so far.

The weather is breaking...finally. I can get outside and get some much needed sunshine and fresh air.

My daughter is down again this weekend. I really enjoy having her over. I feel so much more like a mother in the past three years then I have ever felt.

I made a commitment to write at least 1,500 words a week regarding my novel. I can't say "a day" because I work two jobs and some days it will be literally impossible to stick to such a goal. This time I am being realistic.

Until net week, my furry friends.... Stay true to yourself and always believe!!

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