Sunday, May 15, 2011

First Things First

We all have people in our lives that we care for or answer to. We go to work, get our kids off to school and do a whole lot of other stuff for other people. Now, I know our children depend on us to take care of them.

There comes a point when we just need to stop.

I work with a woman who for some reason thinks she would be a terrible mother if she let her kids (14 and 18) get their own dinner, wash their own clothes or clean their own rooms.

I work two jobs and my fifteen year old daughter will soon be coming to live with me permanently. Andy and I are very excited about this. My daughter will be washing a lot of her own clothes and will probably have to cook a meal or two for herself. This is okay with the both of us. This does not make me a terrible mother. I like to think of it as making me practical.

We have to put our own well being ahead of others more often than we realize. If we don't take care of us, how will we take care of everyone else?

We must learn how to say, "I need some me time!" And yes. I need it right now.

If you are one of those people who feels that the weight of the world is on your shoulders, and you have to do everything for everyone, I suggest rethinking your logic.

Sunday is my day... I need at least one day for me to get in most of my writing and one good nap. So get a day, a night or even an hour. And make sure it is uninterrupted!

First Things First!

To Do List For The Day:

Food Shopping
Fold Clothes
More Napping


  1. Ultimately we must teach our children how to be happy, healthy adults. Adults must take care of themselves. They must be able to set limits and goals and discipline themselves. None of that can happen if we don't give them every opportunity to practice those skills as they grow. My eldest is 8, but she can cook (with supervision) eggs and pasta. She can almost operate the washing machine on her own and helps me with tasks around the house. We're still working on the goal setting...but she's only 8 :D. I was not good at the self-discipline as a young adult...I don't want my children to lack those skills.

  2. Good job, Sonia.. :) I agree with you. My children are good at taking care of themselves as well. I never wanted them to feel like they needed to depend on anyone else. But they do get lots of hugs! :)