Sunday, July 31, 2011

Getting The Mojo Back

This week has been pretty ho hum. I made a lot of progress on my WIP. I did some chapter outlines and posted the very rough draft of the first chapter to Writer's Digest Critique Corner and got a few feedback comments. I amvery excited with the path I want to take the story in.

In motorcycle news... I did go out on the Ninja 1000 yesterday. I rode with Andy and Chris. We decided to just do a loop through Doylestown and stopped off at Five Guys Burgers And Fries out there. I didn't wear a jacket or gloves... I know, I know.. I am very bad. But the frame on the bike gets so damn hot I literally feel like I am going to pass out from heat exhaustion if I wear gear. A very big drawback to the otherwise excellently put together 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 1000.

Book I am reading: Nikki Sixx - The Heroin Diaries. Gripping, sad and eye opening. Nikki Sixx of the famed Motley Crue and Sixx A.M. published his diary. I guess I am kind of living in a cave or something because apparently my sister read it two years ago.

My goals for the week are quite simple.
Continue writing. Continue blog commenting.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's Getting Better... All The Time!

Alright... wow. This week was a blur in a way. I drove my daughter to Warp Tour on Thursday, she had a blast. The heat was insane, it hit like 100 that day. I had my concerns, but she and her friend each took a big bottle of water and the concert venue had a free refilling station.

I got "The Heroin Diaries - A Year In The Life of a Shattered Rock Star" by Nikki Sixx in the mail last week. I am having a hard time putting it down. It is sad, funny, troubling and surreal to sum it up. As a recovering addict/alcoholic myself, I can relate to a lot of things he writes about. So far I have only cried twice.

I have a book idea! Yay me! I pulled out my BIAM spiral book that has been collecting dust for the last six months and finally started using it. I did start writing a part of my life about the worst ten years of my life, but it is pretty painful to go through. I might not be ready for that. The book idea I have a ran across Andy and he said it sounded pretty interesting, so I am stoked as I do my outline.

I never really did an outline before. I would just write and then lose interest. I think the losing interest was due to having no direction.

I rode Thor a couple times this week. Honestly, it has just been too hot. The temperature has gotten to well above 100 degrees a few times this week. The heat is sickening. Since I was about 32 years old, my body just cannot handle the heat like it used to. I get real sick with a wicked headache. Heat stroke? Not sure.

Well, time for me to go wake Andy up from his morning nap. We are going to his mother's today.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Motley Crue and Motorcycles!

Does it ever end? This last week was nuts. Driving my daughter back and forth to her friends, trying to write in between working, blogging, riding my motorcycle, and walking. *sigh* exhaling now.

We went on a few motorcycle rides this week and even went on a short one today!

Oh... the best thing? I went to the Motley Crue/Poison concert Saturday night! It was a blast. My friend Katie took my picture and there was a message to send in fan photos. Katie sent it in and when Motley Crue did Home Sweet Home they put up all the fan photos one by one as they played and mine was one of them!
Katie, her sister Amy and I started screaming and pointing like school girls. It was awesome.
Shortly after that, Tommy Lee did a drum solo on his drum kit while the drum kit was spinning around! Very cool.
But it got better. Vince Neil, the lead singer, called this guy named Tony up on the stage and he got to go on the drum kit with Tommy Lee!

Sunday a bunch of us hopped on the motorcycles and rode over to Princeton, NJ for smoothies and a light lunch. The weather was a little warm but it felt so good to get back out and ride.

This week I am going to give you the link to Sonia G. Medeiros. She is very talented and super funny. I met her through an online class hosted by Kristen Lamb, who I will be profiling soon. I love Sonia's blog. She keeps it real and always has very interesting information. Keep up the good work, Sonia!

Until next week my little tiddlywinks.. be merry, take chances and make those dreams a reality!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Getting Jiggy With It

Ha!! Getting jiggy with life. This week was great. Work was kind of awful in a few spots, but my writing is flowing very well. My Great 80's blog is coming along nicely. I have a few posts up. My friend Rich Concannon (who is obsessed with the 80's like me) will be doing a guest post shortly on a great 80's mash up band called Rock Sugar. You'll want to check that out!

In Ninja News, I haven't rode Thor, The Ninja 1000, yet because the registration is expired and I am waiting on it to come in the mail from Cycle World. So today I took my green machine out for a nice 150 mile ride through Pennsylvania. We stopped off at Gabriel's II Pizza for a late lunch.

Each Sunday I will be putting up one of my blog followers for you to check out. Today's blog to check out and follow is LJ at LJ Writes. Her blog is entertaining and informative. You owe it to yourself to drop by. She has a great style and makes me laugh. Thanks, LJ!

Saturday I will be going to the Poison/Motley Crue concert with my friends Katie and Amy. I will be doing a write up about the show on my 80's blog. If you love hair metal... go on over and sign up for updates.

Until next Sunday.. keep it real and stay true to yourself.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ending On A High Note

I gotta tell ya.. I can be lazy. I lack serious self-motivation quite often. But when I do a job, I do it to the best of my ability. I cried in work this past week because my boss decided to scream at me in front of two co-workers. Yeah, not fun. I refused to cry in front of him, took the berating and walked away with my head held high. I stormed down the hallway, to the bathroom, shut the door sat on the toilet (with the lid down) and cried. It is moments like these that I ask myself, "what are you waiting for, Darlene?"

Seriously. What am I waiting for? There is no magical fairyland of publishers, no winning lottery ticket in my midst. There is no fairy godmother that is going to tickle my nose with fairy dust in my sleep and take me way to the life of my dreams. I have to earn it. I have to own it.

I have been writing... a lot. I have noticed in my writing that I am developing my voice and I kind of like it. I'm a little bit of a smart ass and I am okay with that.

This week is finally over. *stars, whistles, a cheering crowd*

We rode up to New Hope Friday night via the motorcycles to drink iced coffee and watch fire works. The weather was perfect and the company great, too. Andy (my boyfriend) and Joe rode along on their own bikes with me. I was able to relax and really reflect as I rode - well, in between slowing down for the umpteen deer that stood on either side of the road.

I believe in animal totems. I believe that every animal I see on a given day is trying to tell me something. You can call me crazy or childish. But that is what I believe. I listen to these animals.

The deer totem signifies the gentle lure of new adventures.

Sounds great to me!