Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hippity Hoppity

Well, hey there! Tax season is finally over.. yay! I got my bonus which was very sweet. I was able to get my car fixed for the most part. I am taking it in next Saturday to get my passenger window fixed. And then it will be all done.
I had a good week. Was off Thursday and Friday. I have my daughter until Tuesday. She is supposed to come live with my boyfriend and I after school is over but now she is thinking of staying through the summer where she is now. Then she will have her friends and her job at least. She makes a good point there.. So it will probably go that way.
Today is Easter Sunday. I did not go to church. I haven't been to church since last summer. I do pray, but I ma no much of a church goer.
I got the girls Easter baskets and gave them candy and a few plastic eggs filled with money.. $. Sarah didn't get hers yet.
I haven't written all week. I have been sick since Thursday night and I really just needed to unwind from three plus months of overtime and clients. Plus I am still working at the Wawa.
My Lynn-Ann seems so sad and I am worried about her. She is 15, and I remember how tough 15 was. I guess all I can do is be there for her when she needs me.
I bought a couple new books for my Kindle. I got Gerald's Game by Stephen King. Yes! Love that book. I read it when it first came out. Great story. I highly recommend it.
Well, time for me to sign off. We had a great day here in Bucks County weather wise. It is now raining.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Slowly Coming Together

My daughter is coming to stay with my boyfriend and I for five days. We are excited! :) We finally got on the ball of getting her room together. This is a prelude to the grand finale. She is coming to live with us when the school year is over. Yay!

In writing news, I am plugging away. I am writing for three websites at the moment., and There is no money in it for me and that is okay for now. This is the baby step that will lead to the toddler step.

Writing can be difficult at times.... I once was in the pursuit of a fiction career. Now it seems I am in the pursuit of a non-fiction career. I am not sure where this transition lies. Nor do I know where it will take me.

I reviewed Kristin Lamb's book "We Are Not Alone: The Writers Guide To Social Media" and she commented on my review! I couldn't believe it! I am pretty stoked about that. I was joking with my boyfriend and said, "I wonder if Kristin Lamb will see my review?" haha! Manifestation achieved...

In other news, tax season is finally over tomorrow. My full time job is at an accounting firm, I probably need say no more.

Stay tuned for next Sunday's update of pointless rambling from yours truly.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Working On My First Writing Application

Yep. I am going to apply at as a guide. I have a bit of experience in a few different genres that they are looking for writers in. It is a paying gig, so I am a littler nervous.

But the worst that could happen is that I get rejected and in getting rejected comes polishing my craft. I could always use polishing. Every writer can always use a little extra shine... :)

I can be impatient. But.. I am also tenacious... not sure if these are good or bad traits, but either way.. I am what I am and that's all that I am .. to quote Popeye.

I got a laptop today. This is going to make it much easier to get writing done. I do a lot of scribbling in a notebook, which I actually like for an absolute first draft. I am not sure if many writers still do that. I just find it easier to concentrate on my thought process when I am scribbling on paper. Once I get that rough draft down, I type it on the screen and that is where all the editing is done.
Right now I am writing for Suite101 and Technorati. These sites are great to write for. Technorati gets on my nerves a little with how we have to choose topics and there are times when the members of the group are not very forthcoming with the communication. But I have to let that go. you live... you learn.

I am reading a great book by Kristin Lamb called "We Are Not Alone - The Writers Guide To Social Media".. she writes in an amusing way. The book so far is packed with information on how to network. I am shy, so networking has never been my strongest suit. I am hoping this book will help so I do not have to go in search of some weird powder to sprinkle on my computer. Yea... I am not sure where I was going with that myself.

If there is anything you'd like me to cover on my Triumph Over Adversity site, let me know... I'd be happy to...

Until then... Have a great week and be nice to people!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Why My Amazon Kindle Rules

I've been reading books for a very long time. Some people read because they have to. I, like some others, read because I enjoy getting lost in a good story. The first book I remember reading in it's entirety was Charlotte's Web. I was in third grade. Library day was a Tuesday. The class went down to the "IMC" as it was called. Still not sure what that actually meant.. if anyone wants to help me out with that, I'd be most honored. Since then I have read classics like Black Beauty, The Tell-Tale Heart by one of my favorite authors, Edgar Allan Poe and a host of Stephen King novels.
My paper and hardback novel and book collection has grown immensely. I at one time had a pile of books in the back of my car and on the side of my bed. This became cluttered and down right annoying.
Then I discovered the Amazon Kindle. I had read about the Kindle. But, I, like most thought, "how ridiculous! Reading on a screen takes the fun out of turning those flimsy book pages."
Boy, was I ever misguided.
My Amazon Kindle rules. I have about forty books on it so far. I buy a lot of reference books and need to go back and forth between them to find information I need.
The Kindle allows me to do that with ease.
The other awesome feature of the Kindle is that the screen is not lit. Well, then how do I see the words? There is a nifty little light that pulls out of the top of the device. Instead of the screen being back-lit and killing my eyeballs, it stays a grayish white color with black typeface. Extremely easy on the eyes.
There is a bookmark feature. Just push the "menu" button and bookmark the page. That way when I open the book back up, "presto!, I'm right where I left off.
The best thing about the Kindle? There is a feature for highlighting passages and marking text I deem important. I LOVE THAT. I used to write things down in a separate notebook or highlight the passage.
Now I can take all of the books I am reading with me together. Only I don't need a giant knapsack to tote them around.
Yes, I still buy books in print. Usually books with places to write in. Like workbooks, self-help books and game books. Somehow I don't think those would work too well on the Kindle. It doesn't have a dry erase board feature. Yet.