Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to Help an Alcoholic Addict

How to Help an Alcoholic Addict

Bullying: Then and Now

Bullying: Then and Now

Discipline Vs. Punishment

Discipline Vs. Punishment

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week Of Wowzah!

Eeeek!! This week went by faster than a roller coaster without brakes. I am writing my tush off and loving every minute of it. I posted three more articles this week. One on Technorati and two on Suite 101. I am so stoked as I travel this writing road. I am tired right now but it is a different type of tired.

My Sunday's are crammed with chores. Laundry, food shopping, cleaning, naps (can't forget the naps!) and the list goes on.

I have written a couple articles involving children/teens in the last week. I have to say, that I really enjoy touching on topics that are of interest and/or concern to families everywhere. Being the mother of a teenager, I am happy to write about such topics. The research I do for my articles helps me out when dealing with issues that may come up between my daughter and me.

I finally used my FYE gift card. I went to the mall and got "Lamb Of God: Hourglass." It is pretty much every kick ass song Lamb Of God has ever done. It gets me pumped up and ready to tackle anything that comes down the road.

Writing tip of the day: It is so important to step away from a project and let it simmer for a while. After it simmers, come back to it and get a whole new perspective on it. That has been working out for me nicely.

It is time to go finally relax for a little bit before bed. Criminal Minds is on. One of the best written shows that have graced the television in a long time.

Until next week.... Be true to yourself.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Digging Through The Family

Well, it has been a pretty hum drum week. Nothing spectacular in the way of work or day to day life. I did get accepted to as a writer.. I am very happy about that.

The apartment is coming together nicely as Andy and I prep for Lynn-Ann coming home. We are both very excited. My past led me down a dark path and I had to put her in Bucks County Youth Services. It has been almost five years now, but she is coming back. We are both very excited.

When I was little my mother used to take my sister and me to her Uncle Tommy's house. I guess he was my uncle too in a sense. He was a mean man. Bitter and vindictive he would always look for a way to get over on you and if he did you a favor, you owed him for life.
Uncle Tommy was nuts. I mean, anyone who names both of their sons Tommy has issues. All the Tommy's are dead now. Uncle Tommy died from lung cancer in the early eighties. My mother would take us to the house he lived in and she would clean the house while he lied in his hospital bed located in the dining room, barking orders through an oxygen tube as he puffed on a cigarette.
I'm not sure what fate befell the older Tommy, but I heard he died not long ago. The younger Tommy was a mean soul. He wound up leaving Pennsylvania to go to New York. He was a factory worker who headed a nasty biker gang called The Road Vultures based in Buffalo. Tommy was murdered by a rival gang member in front of his girlfriend and two year old son. He was twenty-four years old.
I emailed my mother about cousin Tommy. She told me he wasn't a nice person. I had read an article posted on a message board about him. He had pummeled a man's face in with his bare fists.
Mom was right. Tommy wasn't a nice person at all.
I am thankful I did not get a lot of that nasty gene. I do have a temper (I'm told it is the Italian in me), but I do my best to keep it in check.
I am very excited to find out these interesting tidbits about my family. Not something to be proud of, but still exciting.
Have a great week everyone.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Get Down

I posted an article on Technorati about the horrific tsunami in Japan. It made the front page. Those poor people. Apparently, if not for their tsunami preparedness, things would have been a lot worse. I can't imagine how much worse it gets. Now the nuclear reactor is acting up and it looks like more trouble.


Today was a productive day in my non-writing world. I did some chores, some shopping and bought chairs for outside. Now I can sit in an actual chair and smoke my morning cigarette with my morning coffee. Yep. I still smoke.


I bought a dry erase board last night. I am going to use it to jot down some blog and article ideas. I wind up jotting thoughts down on random pieces of paper and then when it comes time to use them, pht! They're gone. Now the only way they will disappear is if I erase them.


It is utterly amazing how awesome life can be when one is organized.

Peace, homies.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Taking It To The Next Level

I give great advice. I don't take my own advice. I should start. I have all these great ideas and thoughts on life management, time management.. all types of management. Then I sit back as the wheels continue to spin in the mud.

I hung out with my sponsor and her friend last night. We didn't do step work. We only talked. We discussed happy and sad times. We shared memories and aha moments.

I told her how I started writing again. I have finally built up the nerve to follow my passion and my dreams.

My sponsor told me that I should write a passage about my journey. We have known each other for less than nine months and she has seen a change in me.

I feel the change in me. It feels good.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Writing Life

... is a difficult one. I am writing almost every day. I am reading every day. I am having no luck generating traffic to either of my blogs. and

I am sure working as much as I have been and starting the process of my fifteen year old daughter to come back to live with me is a slight interference. My daughter is a priority. And hey, I have to pay the bills.

I always wanted to be a fiction writer. I love crime novels (especially ones about serial killers - John Sanford comes to mind). I love Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe. Their writing inspired me for years. However, I am finding that I love to write articles even more. My problem is patience. I have none.

I have a writer friend that says I have great ideas. But that I am writing my stream of consciousness. The real writing begins when I step away from the article and then come back to it. Apparently, writing is in the editing. Imagine that.

Tomorrow I will be patient. I am learning it is better to churn out one good article a week then five terrible ones. Quality, not quantity.