Friday, September 9, 2011

The ABC's of Me

A - Always on time.
B - Battle. As in I battle anything and anyone when I am sure I am right.
C - Cats. I love them. I have two and when I hit the lottery will be a rescue kitty woman.
D - Darlene. My name that I hated until I turned 28.
E - Eggs. Love them. My favorite go to protein food.
F - Freak. I get called this a lot for a lot of reasons.
G - Goofy. As in - Darlene you are so goofy! And I am. Really.
H - Highways. I looove to drive and ride. On the road = Happy. Another H!
I - Ice Cream. Not a big fan.
J - James. Half the men in my family have this name.
K - Kickoff. Football. Fall.
L - Long walks. In the park. I'm serious.
M - Momentary Lapse of Reason = awesome Pink Floyd song.
N - Nerd. That's me! Deep down inside and slightly on the surface.
O - Overreact. I do this a lot; have a few books on how not to do this.. but I do it anyway.
P - Pickles! My cat's alter ego.
Q - Quintessential.. a word I use often.
R - Rabid Wolf Spider. Love spiders. The Rabid Wolf Spider is neither rabid nor wolf like.
S - Sleep. I do not do it enough.
T - Take It To The Limit. A song by the Eagles that makes me smile. Every time.
U - Under achiever. A curse that I am still trying to break.
V - Violin. I played for four years while in grade school.
W - Writer. I finally tell people I am a .. gulp.. writer.
X - Xylophone - I played the xylophone in the 5th grade Christmas concert.
Y - Yak - I had a stuffed one with green fur when I was 8.
Z - Zippo. My other cats name. He is named after the song by Corrosion of Conformity... not the lighter.

Thanks to Little Miss Nerd Girl for this idea. Click the link and check out her ABC's.