Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ride To New Hope Equals Trains and a Parking Ticket

Andy, Chris, Brittany (Chris's daughter) and myself decided to get breakfast at Back To The 50's diner in Furlong, PA. A small place plastered with pink, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe, they have great food. I recommend it to anyone traveling through the Bucks County area.

We then rode up to New Hope. We parked our bikes outside the old Lulu's (we used to get breakfast there - but it is no longer Lulu's), put a few quarters in the parking meters and hiked up the road for coffee.

After going to Starbucks and waiting in a ridiculous line for over priced coffee we decided to ditch the old SB and head across the way to Dunkin' Donuts. Good call.

There was this little street by an old vintage store on the corner there and we walked up and made a right to go past the train station and back by the old rail cars.

I love old stuff. I am not sure why... but it stirs me. Old houses, old cemeteries, old rail cars. There was even a gentleman dressed as a conductor from the 30's or 40's. He didn't want me to take his picture.

Where this train is, we were able to walk all the way back into an old rail yard. There was a tow path back there and some really neat looking old trains.

After all the train hullabaloo, we went back to New Hope to hop on our gas-filled steeds and head home. As we approached, we noticed all of the motorcycles - roughly fifteen including our three - had little yellow papers on them. At fist I thought it might be some sort of flyer for a new fangled clothing boutique in New Hope.

Unfortunately, it was a parking ticket for an expired meter! Now, the way the parking for motorcycles is in New Hope, about four cycles can fit in a spot. And it is customary for each biker to put at least one quarter in the meter. We all put a quarter in, but I guess none of the other bikers did.

Oh well, we all got a $20 ticket. At 15 bikers, That is $300!

It was still a great day. I had a blast. I have chalked the parking ticket up as parking in an overpriced parking garage. Next time I'll make sure I have way more quarters!

Stay tuned for an update on the Cycle World Ninja 1000 Experience. I should be getting the bike any day now... :)

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