Thursday, August 5, 2010

What the frig is with women anyway?

Yep.. I said it. I don't get women. And yes. I am a woman. I don't get the manipulating. I don't get the bitching about stupid shit (I don't even get it when I do it, and yes, I bitch about stupid shit). I don't get the power struggle, the need to be the alpha bitch whenever in the presence of other women.
I don't get why a woman would be so insanely jealous over her boyfriend's daughter. Take for instance, my friend. We met up tonight. She was so freaking angry. Apparently, she and her BF had made plans tonight to eat dinner and hang in. She called her BF and he was eating sushi with his daughter a couple hours before dinner. She didn't even give him a chance to explain. She said something snide and hung up the phone on him.
Like, really?
So she sees her BF's ex-wife in the Wawa while getting coffee and she (my friend) mouths the words "fucking bitch" and his ex-wife sees my friend say this.
Like, how freaking old are you? Again, really?
So I don't know. There is no talking to her when she gets like this. I am quite guilty of similar behaviors not related to children or family.
But yes, I do have my psycho bitch tendencies.. like most people I guess.

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