Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Monday...........

Well - the weekend was fabulous... Saw my family, had Lynn Ann... it was nice. Today was a typical Monday at work. Nancy is out all week (vacation) so I am the only admin asst in the office. Now, normally I welcome this because when Nancy isn't there I can listen to my music at an audible level. However, my boss was less than happy today and I gotta tell ya it is getting annoying.
I did go to Dr. LaHoda's office to get my back therapies.. that felt good. Wednesday I am getting my mole biopsied... So I cannot go on my running group. But getting my mole biopsied is important! I want it off of my face.
I managed my strength training tonight. :) Yay!!
I have an idea for a book: The Rebirth of the Natural Woman
I just have to get my ideas flowing. I come up with great ideas and thoughts - I just don't execute very well.
I am thinking of doing something where all the plastic surgery is stripped away and we are all left to accept ourselves on a natural level.

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