Saturday, August 7, 2010

Freakin' Philly

UGH!!!!! We rode down to Tony Luke's last night which was kind of gut wrenching. I hate riding in Philly. Most people are cutthroat drivers and they just don't pay attention. SO we took I-95 down and I white knuckled it the whole way.
We ate, the food was awesome of course. We stopped at Penns Landing on the way back. We walked around for a bit - looked at the boats.
Then, we decided against I-95. We took Richmond Street instead. Well, right past the old Diamond Furniture Warehouse, my front tire went in a trolley track and I went down. I WAS SO MAD!!!!!!! The bike is fine, cracked turn signal lens and my rear brake pedal is smashed in a little.. but other than that the bike is fine. I have road rash on my right shoulder and arm, bruise on my right hip, calf and ankle.
So we get that squared away, I say I am okay to ride... we go down Aramingo Avenue to the Dunkin Donuts at Tioga, it is closed. Great. We are coming out of the parking lot and this frigging guy on a bicycle comes out of nowhere. Right in front of me. I grabbed my front brake (I was barely moving) and the bike was on such an angle, that yes, the bike went down again. The frigging guy just looked at me and kept going. And that was when I realized that I left Philly because I couldn't take it anymore so I should really just stay the hell out.
We rode down to the D&D at the Hess station and we sat there and got coffee.
Joe & Dawn were really cool about everything cause they stayed with us. I thought that was really nice.
Today I am going up to the Wawa to see Greg to see about getting some hours for part time work. Yay me!

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