Thursday, July 22, 2010

Great Day So Far

Well - Andy and I went out on the motorcycles this morning and we had a nice time. We went up to Van Zandt Airport and then all through Bucks County. We stopped at a park which the name escapes me, but it was nice and had cabins, which was cool. Brought back memories of Parker Dam.
We then went to this tile place on 611 which I always wanted to investigate further. They had tours but the next one was like in 30 minutes and he and I were getting hungry.

The tile place is very interesting from the outside. It kind of looks Turkish in some ways. We did go inside of the building, but like I said they had scheduled tours and we were getting hungry. Maybe some other time. Also, there were picnic tables and such for grilling and hanging out. Kind of like a park around the tile place. When you walk around the building there are about 15 or so smoke stacks.. I guess they have different ovens that make different types of tile. Inside, they had some books and such, however, a little pricey!

Right now Andy is starting dinner and I must go to the store to fetch some pineapple salsa.

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