Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Anger Issues

Yep!! True Dat! I am one angry ass mofo. Have been for years now. I quell it at times but when someone or something does not act the way I want it to, I flip out!!!! Sad sad sad..... SO I went to my first AA meeting tonight in months.... It was good for me. I shared, which made me nervous as hell, but I did it!! There were a lot of familiar faces there and some new ones.. Everyone was happy to see me, that felt nice.

I am so jealous and insecure it is disgusting... and the odd thing is is that men are always staring at ME!! Yet - I freak out if Andy even so much as glances in the direction of a mildly attractive woman. Insane, I know. This is yet another obstacle that I need to work on!!
He says I am insane and I imagine these things but I really feel like I do not imagine these things.

He went to an AA meeting tonight, too. Apparently, he will not be attending any AA meetings that I go to for a while. That's fine.

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