Monday, July 26, 2010

Back To Work!!!!

UGH!!!!!!!!!! Well - not really. I am back to work today and feel fortunate to have a job. This is true. Also, I went to see Greg this morning at Wawa to see about the PT job there for the overnight on weekends. Seems as though I got it! He said he doesn't even have to interview me... Sweet!!!
Vacation was nice, a little dull, but nice.
I did change my address officially on the USPS website. Had I known it was that easy I'd had done it 2 years ago. Now my mom should probably stop getting my mail! Yay!!
I was driving home from work and was on Bellevue Avenue (by the train tracks) and this chic was walking across the street in a skirt and high heels and she had these amazing legs.. I was so jealous!!! I quickly puhsed the thought out of my head, but I figured here would be a great place to release that thought since this is my "anything goes" blog.
I feel so frumpy lately... like, I am NOT SEXY EVEN A LITTLE BIT. My work clothes are frumpy... I dress super conservative cause Andy hates if I dress any other way. It really fucking annoys me! Anyhoo.... :) Tomorrow is a new day!

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