Sunday, April 17, 2011

Slowly Coming Together

My daughter is coming to stay with my boyfriend and I for five days. We are excited! :) We finally got on the ball of getting her room together. This is a prelude to the grand finale. She is coming to live with us when the school year is over. Yay!

In writing news, I am plugging away. I am writing for three websites at the moment., and There is no money in it for me and that is okay for now. This is the baby step that will lead to the toddler step.

Writing can be difficult at times.... I once was in the pursuit of a fiction career. Now it seems I am in the pursuit of a non-fiction career. I am not sure where this transition lies. Nor do I know where it will take me.

I reviewed Kristin Lamb's book "We Are Not Alone: The Writers Guide To Social Media" and she commented on my review! I couldn't believe it! I am pretty stoked about that. I was joking with my boyfriend and said, "I wonder if Kristin Lamb will see my review?" haha! Manifestation achieved...

In other news, tax season is finally over tomorrow. My full time job is at an accounting firm, I probably need say no more.

Stay tuned for next Sunday's update of pointless rambling from yours truly.

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