Sunday, March 13, 2011

Get Down

I posted an article on Technorati about the horrific tsunami in Japan. It made the front page. Those poor people. Apparently, if not for their tsunami preparedness, things would have been a lot worse. I can't imagine how much worse it gets. Now the nuclear reactor is acting up and it looks like more trouble.


Today was a productive day in my non-writing world. I did some chores, some shopping and bought chairs for outside. Now I can sit in an actual chair and smoke my morning cigarette with my morning coffee. Yep. I still smoke.


I bought a dry erase board last night. I am going to use it to jot down some blog and article ideas. I wind up jotting thoughts down on random pieces of paper and then when it comes time to use them, pht! They're gone. Now the only way they will disappear is if I erase them.


It is utterly amazing how awesome life can be when one is organized.

Peace, homies.


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