Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thor: The Wicked Ninja From The West

Now, when I say wicked, I don't mean an evil, manipulative wench that wants the world it's way. Wicked in this sense means fast, mean and downright bad ass. I am riding Thor courtesy of Cycle World Magazine which is on the West Coast. Hence, the reference.

Thor and I are getting very well acquainted as we wrap up our first whole week together. We didn't get much riding in due to work and some weather issues, but we have plenty of time for that.

Andy and I rode out to Wharton State Park in New Jersey on Saturday.

I am 100% comfy on ol' Thor baby at this point. I thought it would take longer. I am documenting my time well spent with Thor at Thor & Darlene if you are at all interested.

In other news, I got my Lamb Of God decal and t-shirt in the mail. I think the shirt is a little tight, but that gives me incentive to work out a little harder. Right now, I am working out at a 0% capacity.

Yeah, I've been a lazy duck these past couple months. I'll be posting some video soon!

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