Sunday, June 26, 2011

Moving Right Along

Well, this week hasn't exactly been the most exciting week ever, but it has been a productive one. I took the bike into Bucks County Kawasaki for it's 600 mile service. I am plugging along at the rough draft of a novel I am creating. I did an outline which is pretty meaty. Now I have to pick that apart. So far I am at Chapter 3.

I started a new blog. It is all about the 80's. So far it has been loads of fun reliving the past. Sometimes I miss the 80's until I look at a picture of 80's clothes. *shudders*. Certainly do not miss that part. So far it is a very fun blog to write and I am enjoying it much. The Great 80's is the name of it. Stop on by and check it out! It will be chock full of 80's culture, fashion, history and most of all!

Today Andy and I took an 80 mile ride on the motorcycles. It was great getting back out on the road. We are planning to ride up to Hawks Nest, NY soon.

Off any kind of topic.. if you haven't tried the new Klondike Caramel Pretzel Ice Cream bars... I suggest you do. They are very very yummy!

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