Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Into The Pit - Philly Metal. Thrash is Back!

I didn't get into heavy metal until my twenties. I did listen to bands like Motley Crue, Judas Priest and Triumph when I was a teenager. Yeah some of them are considered heavy metal - but not all of them.

I have always been a late bloomer - always. Music, make-up, driving. Everything and anything I have ever done I have always done six months to ten years later than the average bear.

It seems that Thrash is back. Thrash innovators like Slayer, old school Metallica, Testament, Exodus and the like kind of disappeared for a while (well - old school Metallica seems gone forever) but they never died. Did they lay dormant? It doesn't matter.

Thrash is back.

Thrash is back and it is everywhere. All over the country. All over the world!
Turn off the damn stations plaguing your ears through the radio in your car or office. They play the same rubbish every forty - sixty minutes. There is good metal music out there. Thrash, Death, Speed - tune into an internet radio station and find that awesome music.

There is a huge music scene in Philadelphia and people need to know about it!

Bands like: Citadel, Faith or Fear, Condition Critical. These are kick ass thrash bands from the Philly area that play their hearts out. Get on Facebook and find them. You can thank me with cookies...

But Darlene! Where can I find a kick ass internet radio station that plays kick ass metal? Well it just so happens my good friends Timm Dougherty & CM started the perfect internet radio show for metal heads everywhere.

Into The Pit Radio plays every Sunday night from 5pm - 8 pm. Kick ass music, band interviews, mayhem and antics. They play slightly popular bands like Slayer, too! Yes. Exhale.. it is true.

Oh! You say you are busy on Sunday night and there is no way in hell you can tune in? Well, just hop your cute butt on over to iTunes and download the Podcast for FREE!!

Yes. free. You can pick yourself up off the floor now.

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks! I will be covering The Damsels of Darkness tour in March.