Thursday, January 19, 2012

Too Fast... Too Fast For Love!

Yes. I LOVE THE 80's! Motley Crue was one of the first bands I fell in love with that had anything to do with the 80's. I bring this up because I'm not sure if my readers know I have an 80's blog. It is called The Great 80's. Go check it out! A wonderful writer/blogger by the name of Sharon Howard is going to guest post there in February. She will share a fascinating tale of growing up 80's in England! It is such a great story. You will want to read all about it.

Going on this weekend: I am going to the Annual Motorcycle show in New York, NY on Sunday. Be sure to check back for the latest on hot new bikes, gear and gadgets. I'll have plenty of pictures up as well.

This month stay tuned for my guest post over at Marcia Richards' blog. It will be about goals and how to keep it simple. I It is tax season, so you won't be seeing much of me. But know that future blog posts will contain mega content.


I'll see you soon.. until then remember:

It's long road to success... though not always straight! It's important to take it as it comes, but not let it get you down. There is a lesson learned in everything we do. Sometimes those lessons scream at you. Other times, it is a slight whisper. In those times, be sure to stop talking and listen.



  1. Hi Darlene,

    Thanks for you post about the Motorcycle Show! We'd like to offer you a discount code MOTOINF for $3 off the price of admission for you readers. Please let me know if you have any questions!


  2. hey Vince.. thanks a lot! :) I appreciate that.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my author blog and for congrates. X

  4. Hey Shah! You're welcome.. :) My pleasure you know! :)