Monday, July 18, 2011

Motley Crue and Motorcycles!

Does it ever end? This last week was nuts. Driving my daughter back and forth to her friends, trying to write in between working, blogging, riding my motorcycle, and walking. *sigh* exhaling now.

We went on a few motorcycle rides this week and even went on a short one today!

Oh... the best thing? I went to the Motley Crue/Poison concert Saturday night! It was a blast. My friend Katie took my picture and there was a message to send in fan photos. Katie sent it in and when Motley Crue did Home Sweet Home they put up all the fan photos one by one as they played and mine was one of them!
Katie, her sister Amy and I started screaming and pointing like school girls. It was awesome.
Shortly after that, Tommy Lee did a drum solo on his drum kit while the drum kit was spinning around! Very cool.
But it got better. Vince Neil, the lead singer, called this guy named Tony up on the stage and he got to go on the drum kit with Tommy Lee!

Sunday a bunch of us hopped on the motorcycles and rode over to Princeton, NJ for smoothies and a light lunch. The weather was a little warm but it felt so good to get back out and ride.

This week I am going to give you the link to Sonia G. Medeiros. She is very talented and super funny. I met her through an online class hosted by Kristen Lamb, who I will be profiling soon. I love Sonia's blog. She keeps it real and always has very interesting information. Keep up the good work, Sonia!

Until next week my little tiddlywinks.. be merry, take chances and make those dreams a reality!


  1. Just spied you on twitter chatting to my good pal Colin. So I thought I'd have a poke at your blog, as you do :P

    I Love Motley Crue. Saw them at 15 way back in '91. Vince neil dropped the bloody mike and half deafened us all but they were bloody marvellous! Sounds like you had a wicked time at this gig too :)

  2. Well hey there! :) I love 80's metal, pop.. just love the 80's. I did have a wicked time... long overdue for a show, I was.

    Thank you so much for stopping by (and for spying me on Twitter!)